Paleo Banana Coconut Upside Down Cake

Paleo Banana Coconut Upside Down Cake

So, I just happened to be trolling through my Facebook feed when I happened upon a post by a friend recommending an upside down cake.. a coconut banana upside down cake!!

Now when I was growing up, my mother was not a great cook, but what she did make well was an awesome pineapple upside down cake. So you can see why this new recipe headline may have caught my eye.

One look at the recipe and I knew that I could convert it to be acceptable to those of us following a paleo framework.

Thai Red Curry Shrimp Patties (and they’re Paleo)

paleo thai red curry shrimp patties

Wow! I love Thai flavours… Red curry, green curry, masaman curry, galangal, lime leaf, lemon grass, oh my! Thai food is one of my favorites.

Back in the day we used to make these with day old rice as the base. Now I use coconut flour and almond meal to replace the rice.

We are having our grand re-opening at Crossfit Pickering this weekend and I have been tasked with catering the event. It had been a while since I made these Paleo Patties, so tonight I had a taste test with my girlfriend… Holy Delicious!!

Paleo Crab Cakes

crab cakes paleo

I don’t know what it is about Crab Cakes, but people seem to just love them. They see them on a menu or at a cocktail party and they get all, “Oooo, look, crab cakes!! C r a b C a k e s!!”

Really, for those in the know, they are extremely easy to prepare, don’t cost that much and you can blow the socks off of the people you serve them to (including yourself).

I like to serve mine with a paleo Caesar or sweet potato salad. You can even cut them in half, add a bit of mayo, tomato, lettuce and bacon for a wicked take on the classic BLT. 


avocado guacamole

My second job in the restaurant industry was working for a local MexiCali place owned by a few expats from California. Burritos, enchiladas, tacos and chili… The nachos were the flat kind, not the heaped up bar style you see everywhere, where each chip had cheese and topping. Damn they were good.

This is where I learned to make the most kick ass guacamole that I am now going to share with you.

To find the better avocados, you can give them a light squeeze ti see if they are too soft. As well, you can pick off the top stem to see if its a nice vibrant green under it. If it is then it’s ripe.

Paleo Seven Layer Dip

Paleo Mexican Seven Layer Dip

The other day, A person on Facebook asked about making a seven layer Mexican dip and was looking for paleo alternatives to some of the ingredients. I was like,”sevven layer dip? I haven’t had anything like that in years!!!” So I got down to it and tried to figure out what I could put in it…

Here is what it came down to: Re-Fried Bean Alternative, Guacamole, Thick Chipotle Mayo, Taco Beef, Salsa, Roasted Eggplant Topping.

I know, I know, that’s only 6 layers.. So sue me, that’s all I came up with.

Paleo Chicken Pot Pie

Coconut crust Paleo Pot Pie

Comfort Food. Sometimes this can be the hardest food to do an a paleo diet. These are usually (at least in western culture) rib sticking, flour soaked dishes that fll our bellies with emotionally charged goodness…

I really wanted Chicken Pot Pie the other day, and wanted to serve it on my Paleo Meal Delivery Service. After some time researching paleo pie crust recipes, I decided to try out The Healthy Foodies Pie Crust. I didn’t have any Lard on hand so used coconut oil instead, but exactly the same way as she used the lard.

As well, you can use whatever herbs you have on hand to make this dish… If you don’t like rosemay, leave it out and add what you do like :)

Hot damn, this was good!!

My Dutch Oven Lamb Shank

paleo dutch oven lamb shank

Ok, if you don’t know this about me, then you might not know that I love Lamb!!!

Lamb was one of those roasts that when I was a kid we didn’t have that often. It was pricey and we didn’t have that money to spent on costlier cuts of meat. Leg of lamb was always made by my grandmother at Easter and oh was that exciting… As a boy, I loved the crisp outer layer of fat attached to some meat and then the inevitable fatty drip down the chin. To me lamb is succulent, tender, flavourful and just pure deliciousness.

Paleo Choco-Coco Filbert Fat Bombs!!

paleo nutella fat bombs



Fat Bombs??

The other day I saw a post on facebook about someone making “Coconut Fat Bombs“, and I was like, “What the hell are fat bombs??” After I read what they were, I was all, “I gotta make me some of those!!”

Paleo Turmeric Beef Stew

Turmeric Paleo Beef Stew

Two things lent themselves to help in creating this dish: 1. I had some turmeric left over from another dish I made for my meal prep clients (Malaysian curry pork) and 2. I had a bit of stewing beef from a 1/4 grassfed cow I split with some of my crossfit box members that was defrosting in my fridge.

I love meals like this because they are simple, one pot and very tasty!! :)

Scottish Stovies with Lamb, It’s Paleo

Scottish Stovies with Lamb, it's Paleo

January 25th is Robbie Burns DayIf you are of Scottish heritage, this may be a day that you celebrate the birth of Scotland’s most celebrated poet by eating traditional Scottish foods like Haggis, Lamb, cheeses, oat cakes and cranachan

While I have yet to come up with a paleo version of Haggis, I do have this fantastically easy recipe to put together for all you lamb lovers out there.

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