My name is Brock Brown, and I have been doing the Paleo thing now since February 2010. In that time I have lost over 67 lbs. and gained (through CrossFit) a fitness level undreamed of by me in my former fat life.

I am 44 years young, have a family (consisting of my wife Denise and my two boys Callum and Jaden), I’m a stay at home dad and do a bit of work creating websites. And for the past 20 odd years have been a lazy couch potato, not once really thinking about my health or weight or fitness.

It wasn’t until I came back last year from a trip of a lifetime (hiking through the mountains of Nepal) that I realized that I had a problem. I thought it would be no problem for me to carry a pack and walk 200 km up and around the mountains…Boy was I wrong!!! After day one I needed to hire a porter to carry my pack and then battled a leg injury (a pulled muscle) the whole way ’round. What an eye opener.

I vowed that when I got back to the “real” world, I would get down to business and get fit.

My wife had started doing CrossFit before I went off on my month long hike and by Christmas, the marked improvement in her strength and fitness was so dramatic, that I decided to check it out myself.

From that point forward, I have not looked back. Through CrossFit, we both discovered The Paleo Diet, and my rapid weight loss began.

After 8 months I have gone from weighing 226 lbs. to 190 lbs. (4 months prier to that I weighed 236lbs.)

Update ( January 2011): Coming up to my one year anniversary with Crossfit and I am now down to 179lbs with a total weight loss of 57lbs. My fitness level has dramatically improved…I can run a 5km now without any issues  (never ran before in my life), I can deadlift 315lbs, I can do 25 consecutive pullups, 2 handstand pushups and dropped my RXd Fran time below 10 minutes. Still working on my muscleups and I’m sure to get them for summer.

I have been a Crossfit Level I Certified Trainer since December of 2010.  I currently train out of Crossfit Pickering in Pickering, Ont., Canada.  As well as train there, I now teach Crossfit group classes, mini-boot camps and privates at the same Box.

Update (September 2011): I am now down to 169lbs, dropped 10 pant sizes and wear a men’s size small shirt.

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  • May 7, 2013 at 9:38 am

    Thanks for sharing your story. I am in somewhat of a valley in my health journey right now. I lost 92 lbs after changing my diet to a clean diet and running. I discovered paleo and crossfit and noticed some strength gains but now I am gone backwards quite a bit. I have gained back 45 lbs and have not been to crossfit in a month. I could put the blame on all kinds of life circumstances but I know it is just me and my lack of motivation. How did you keep the mental part of your health journey in check?

    • May 11, 2013 at 4:51 pm

      My real motivation stems from wanting to be around when my kids have kids, the ability to keep up with them and enjoy physical activities with them. My mindset is that, to me, grains are a poison and movement is necessarily.

      I made a paradigm shift in how I view food.


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