A Memory Of Lard

I was looking at my Facebook feed today and saw a comment by David Bookless about a fried egg: ‘the best tasting eggs are fried in tallow!’

This instantly brought back a memory from my childhood when I was 12 and visiting our Scottish relatives in Glasgow. This memory has stuck with me for the past 31 years, coming to the for every so often. It really made an impression on me as you’ll see.

Coming from North America in the eighties, even at 12, we all had the notions of good fat and bad fat, calories in and calories out, insinuating there way into the social psyche. We believed what was being told to us about food and diet, what to eat and what not to eat. Margarine was king, eggs where bad and lo unto thee how ate meat fat!!!

I was also a very chubby kid with a mother who was always trying to lose weight with the latest diet.

This is where I was coming from when we went to Scotland.

So here’s the memory: waking up on he first morning in my aunt Janet’s house, coming down into the kitchen and seeing her start up the gas stove with an old cast iron skillet filled with days old bacon fat in it.

At 12, I was horrified!! Also intrigued, because we would never have done something so “unhealthy”. After getting over the initial shock of how our morning meal was going to be cooked (square sausage patties and fried eggs) and being 12, I went with the flow, ate my breakie and holy f@$k, if those weren’t the best fricken eggs I have ever had the pleasure to stuff in my mouth…

The thing that struck me today though, was something that I had not realized before. Looking at this memory from my new paleo perspective, I noticed something: my relatives who where eating this (to us at the time) horrible fat based diet, were NOT fat at all. And we, who were eating our “healthy” North American diet were actually quite fat.

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