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Beyond BaconOk its official… I have a new favorite cookbook!! And it’s called BeyondBacon from Stacy Toth and Mathew McCarry, The Paleo Parents. Throughout my entire life, pork has held a special place. Almost all special occasions excluding Christmas and Easter included a pork roast. Summers where filled with Grilled loin chops and tenderloins and always baby back ribs. There is really not much that compares with the succulent taste of pork dripping in its own fat!! Oh and bacon, always bacon.

Now as a chef, most of the ideas for pork recipes have cross my plate a few times, but there are several in this book that stand out for me: The Headcheese recipe, their take on Pho, the Porko Bucco and the prosciutto and peach ice cream (ice cream is my vice…)

This is the kind of cookbook layout I love… It gets me hooked every time; Large awe-inspiring delicious looking photos, taking up an entire page with the recipe with cooking tips and back story on the other. Half the battle for cooking great food is the inspiration of someone else’s beautiful creation.

I have to say that the recipe that jumped out at me first and foremost was the “Lengua Carnitas” (p.144). I have made my own tongue caritas before, but not like they have, and that image looks so good… (ok, here is a cerebral aside: some would say “tongue… ew, that’s gross”, right? Can you tell me what 144 of something is? It’s a gross. Lengua Carinitas on page 144… Hmmm?!)

The second recipe I am going to try is the smoked Pork Belly (p.96)… Damn That looks mouth wateringly good!!

I really don’t know how I got so lucky to get my hands on a review copy, but I did and am damn happy about it. The book is marked up with place holder for all of the recipes I am going to try out of it and is sitting up against the rare other cookbooks that hold a spot on my counter top. Not only was I lucky to get a review copy, I was lucky enough to get 2 copies!!!

So guess what? Yes that’s right, I am going to be giving one away. (if you can’t wait go here to order yours right away)

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