My Mother-in-Laws Seventieth Birthday

A Paleo/Primal Catered Affair

On Halloween weekend, my mother-in-law had her 70th birthday party. The affair was put on by the kids and spouses…meaning I did all the food. I was a chef for 17 years before the birth of my second child, Jaden, when I gave it up to be a stay at home dad. So naturally it would fall upon me to do the food portion of the party.

My mother and father-inlaws have both recently gone Primal, due in part to our coxing, as well as Mikes type 2 diabetes. I wanted to make this party as Paleo/Primal as possible without scaring off their friends and colleagues.

The Menu:

  • The requisite crudites platter, fresh fruit platter, and a nice cheese plate (this I supplied with glutten free crackers)
  • West Indian Shrimp Cakes with a home made sweet chili mayonnaise
  • Thai Beef Skewer with spicy peanut sauce
  • Prosciutto Wrapped Figs with pine nut and pistachio infused goat cheese
  • Grass Fed Roast Beef on gluten free crustinni’s with Stilton cheese and Dijon
  • Grilled Lamb Rack with mint pesto

Everything on this menu had a Paleo/Primal and maybe a “Normal Diet” componant. For the Paleos, you just had to leave off on the sauces, cheeses and ‘breads’. For the Primals, the sauces would be problamatic and the ‘breads’. No one else would suspect that there was some dietary restrictions in place.

Well, the party went off without a hitch (aside from me almost burning down the garage BBQing the lamb rack’s – next time trim more of the fat off). The guests had a wonderful time and complimented us on the fantastic spread. A couple of these “raison” friends can be quite picky and not one complaint was had.

Interestingly, the most talked about, complimented and I will say, the most delicious item on the menu was the lamb…the only one that was completely Paleo!

Fruit Platter | Cheese Plate | Veggie Tray
Platter Table
Brock (aka My Paleo Life)
That's me
Grilling Lamb Racks
Grilling Lamb Racks
The flaming Cake
The Cake
70 Years Young
70 Years Young

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