My Paleo Year in Perspective 2013

Well, another year has passed (ok not quite as it’s still December) and I find the need to to reflect on the past year or so creeping over me… The past 16 or so months have been very tumultuous for me: Legally separating from my wife, moving out, buying a house, working 2 jobs while starting my own business, and developing a new relationship with a fantastic woman all the while being a single dad bi-weekly.

Slightly stressful to say the least.

In that time I have gone from 174lbs to over 190lbs. My shirts are fitting tighter around the gut so I know it’s not all muscle. My eating has mostly stayed the same, buta little bit here and a little bit there with sweet foods has turned into a lot over all. As well, my exercise took a dive due to 2 shoulder injuries that have kept me from working out on a regular basis. I focused more on pure strength and less on fitness.

The new year is going to be a “fix it” year.

I know the weight gain is due to 3 factors: Stress, Lack of Sleep and Late night eating. Stress is going to be managed with increasing my workout load and meditation. The last 2 will fall into place when I start going to bed at a decent hour… if I go to bed earlier, I won’t be able to eat late.

As well it’s time to focus on cleaning up my diet a small bit and return to the basics: animal protein, fat, vegetables and some fruits.

Focusing on my paleo meals delivery service and my cookbook will also be on the top shelf for 2014

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