Paleo Foods List

I see so many questions regarding what types of foods are allowed in the Paleo diet food list, so I’ve decided to compile this comprehensive Paleo Diet Food List in a table format to help clarify this as much as possible. I’ve included all of the healthy available meats, fruits, vegetables, nuts, and oils that are all allowed on the Paleo diet, even when they’re in season!

Just to be clear, when I refer to a food as “Paleo”, I mean foods that existed in the Paleolithic Era or are reasonably close as far as the hormonal reactions those foods produce in the human body. I also mean for you to choose grass fed, free range, and organic foods to help simulate “Paleo”. Referring to this list as you begin your journey on the Paleo diet will help to ensure your success. Be sure to take this Paleo diet food list with you when you go shopping for groceries or when you’re out to eat at a restaurant. Click on the main food links below to jump directly to the section revealing the detailed list. Happy Hunting!

  • Paleo Fruit Cobbler

    Paleo Fruit Cobbler

    Sometimes you just need a little “cheat” here and there to make everything alright in your world. After having a long reminiscing conversation about Pie and the ultimate remembered deliciousness of the gooey bottom crust, (It’s been about 8 years  Read More »
  • Paleo Pancakes Using Cassava Flour

    Paleo Pancakes Using Cassava Flour

    Saturday breakfast growing up was almost always a grand affair with bacon or ham, french toast or pancakes, berries, fruit, eggs of some kind, marmalade and toast… At my house nowadays not so much sadly. However, my kids did grew  Read More »